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MasterFX for Resolume7!

December 16, 2019/0/2/

MasterFX page has been updated! MasterFX has been updated to reflect the changes made for Resolume Arena 7. We ditched the # at the end so Master FX is not called FX2 anymore. The new version is for Resolume Arena 7 only and is available for both Mac & Windows. More info on the MasterFX [...]


LED Pixelmapper V1.1 Release!

September 12, 2018/0/2/

Pixelmapper V1.1 Release After some time we can finaly release version v1.1! We added some quite exciting features like virtual tiles, tiles numbering and cordinate text. We really hope you like it! If you have any questions please let us know. More info on the Pixelmapper page


LED Pixelmapper V1.0 Release!

May 31, 2017/2/2/

Pixelmapper Release We are very excited to release our first tool to help fellow members in the community. In this case a simple yet smarter and quicker way to setup LED groups (composition) in After Effects. Enjoy! More info on the Pixelmapper page