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Create up to 16 slices inside of Resolume Arena and move, scale, crop each live



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“Interactively map each slice with Mapper”

Mapper is an FFGL plugin which offers you 16 slices that can freely be moved/mapped around the canvas. The idea behind it is to map content on a pixelmapping on a per-clip or per-layer level. The execution is pretty simple; drag the plugin on a desired clip or layer then move the content around, crop it and/or shift it inside the bounding box. This can done 16 times on top of each other. Mapper also has some smart options like mirroring the slice on the Y-axis, flipping it around or display a preview grid. To get a better understanding please check our video tutorials explaining this process.


Unlike the Pixelmap template, Mapper is not free to download. But you are free to take it for spin by downloading the Demo version. Everything works exactly the same as the paid version but instead will display a red cross. This way you can try the plugin and see if it is something you like before you buy it.

What is included in both DEMO and paid versions:

  • Mapper 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Windows
  • Mapper 32-bit (Resolume 5) for Windows
  • Mapper 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Mac OS X
  • Mapper 32-bit (Resolume 5) for Mac OS X