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Current version : V1.0

KaldeidoFX is a kaleidoscope effect made for Resolume Arena. It comes with quite some tweak-able parameters which creates a lot of variety.

2019-02-14: Initial Release
– Zoom in and out
– Seamless shift/slide up and down. The texture is unfolded outwards
– Rotate
– Stretch Texture on X and Y. The texture will always keep it’s aspect ratio on default
– Spike X/Y for extra tweak
– Move the whole effect across the canvas
– Stretch the whole effect on X and Y

Download link is further down.


Quick Demo

1. Zoom

Zoom in and out.

2. Amount

Increase / Decrease the amount of repetitions.

3. Shift

Seamlessly shift (move) the image across X or Y.

4. Rotate

Rotate the effect.

5. Texture Size

By default will the texture always keep it’s current aspect ratio but this can be tweaked using these parameters.

6. Spike

Add extra deformations to the kaleidoscope. Polar kaleidoscope spike behaves differently.

7. Move

Move the entire effect across the canvas.

8. Stretch

Stretch the effect on X and Y.

What is included:

  • KaleidoFX V1.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Windows
  • KaleidoFX V1.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Mac OS X
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