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Current version : V2.0

MasterFX is a combination of some color corrections plugins into one. With this plugin you can color your content based on the new palette inside of Resolume Arena.

2019-02-04: Mac OS supported
– Mac OS included
– Fixed minor Chromatic Aberration issue to also influence alpha


2019-01-29: Release V2.0

– Updated to 2.0 so both versions can be used side by side
– Going to black will no longer bypass and do the weird huescale behavior. Now there are 2 toggles to do this manually
– Huerotate happens after the entire chain
– Fixed Colorize and Saturate. There were small issues in V1
– Sharpen added
– Chromatic Aberration (fake) added
– Fixed Darken & Exposure to keep values normalized. Now Huerotate behaves normally
– Added Force Alpha to remove black/dark values and introduce alpha

2018-10: Release V1.0

– Arena 6 native palette for coloring
– Hue Scale / Colorize
– Hue Rotate
– Saturate
– Invert RGB
– RGB Brightness
– Darken / Exposure
– Mirror X / Y

Download link is further down.


Master FX 2.0

Quick Demo

Mapper Demo

A quick demo how to colorize using Master FX.

1. Color / Scale toggles

Color & Scale

A big change in 2.0 is being able to toggle Scale / Color on and off. When this is off the Palette + HueScale will not change the color.

2. Brightness toggle

Another big change is also being able to turn the Brightness from the Palette on or off. Previously BLACK was a bypass. This has been changed so the user has full control in case it is desired to go full black.

3. HueScale

HueScale compresses the colors down closer to each other. In this case red, but this can be tweaked by changing the palette or rotating the hue for example.

4. Hue Rotate & Invert

Hue Rotate & Invert

In 2.0 Hue Rotate happens after the entire chain. So now it is possible to change the HUE even after the invert takes place.

5. Sharpen


A simple but handy sharpen filter. An interesting effect is to bring down the palette closer to black, sharpening the image and raising the exposure.

6. Chromatic Aberration (separate RGB)

Chromatic Aberration

A simple separate RGB horizontally

7. Darken & Exposure

Darken & Exposure

Darken and Exposure work exponentially to go further than normal brightness/contrast.

8. Force Alpha

Force Alpha

For content that doesn’t have alpha this effect will force Alpha based on the dark values. Kind of like Unmult in After Effects.

9. Mirror X & Y

Mirror X & Y

Mirror has been improved to support flipped sides both on X and Y.

Walkthrough V1.0

What is included:

  • MasterFX V1.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Windows
  • MasterFX V2.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Windows


  • MasterFX V1.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Mac OS X
  • MasterFX V2.0 64-bit (Resolume 6) for Mac OS X
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