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MasterFX released for Resolume Arena 7

MasterFX is a combination of some color corrections plugins into one. With this plugin you can color your content based on the new palette inside of Resolume Arena. With the release for Arena 7 the number “2” has been omitted and Master FX2 will be called just Master FX from now on 🙂

– Website updated to reflect the update for Resolume 7
– No more fiddling with Hue Scale which caused harsh color bending. This has been improved by a single Mix slider for both Color and Colorize
– Mirrors have been updated for toggle buttons instead of sldiers

MasterFX can be found at Juicebar


Quick Demo

A quick demo how to colorize using Master FX.

1. Color Mix

Now you can easily work with 1 slider based on the color chosen. It will gradually change to the selected color but keeps the white/grey scale colors.

2. Colorize

Colorize behaves the same way as Color, with a Mix slider. This method will not keep the white / grey scale colors.

3. Saturate, Hue Rotate, Add Substract

The essential color adjustments.

4. Sharpen, Chromatic Aberration, Exposure

Some extra effects included like chromatic aberration but also exposure and darken to further tweak the image.

5. Mirror

Mirror now uses the new ui options in Resolume 7 which displays a list instead of a slider.

6. Force Alpha

Minor adjustments have been made to Force Alpha calculation.

Walkthrough V1.0

Master FX for Resolume Arena 7 can be found at Juicebar

Looking for MasterFX 2.0 for Resolume 6? This one is still hosted at Gumroad.

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